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Lecture 3. Writing to the Brain, Part 2 – Writing to the Brain in Sleep

Lecture by Dr. Nathan Whitmore – Researcher, MIT Media Lab.

About Dr. Whitmore:

Dr. Whitmore is interested in how technology can be used to improve our cognition and align our brain function with our goals. Currently, he is developing a memory prosthesis to help boost learning and treat memory disorders, as well as technology to improve sleep quality and induce lucid dreams (dreams where the dreamer is aware and can control their environment). Nathan did his PhD at the Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at Northwestern University, where he worked on projects using sleep technology to improve memory. He also previously worked at the Neural Circuits and Cognition Unit at the National Institute on Aging, where Nathan developed procedures for processing data from implanted neural probes.

In his lecture Dr. Whitmore talks about how sleep can be used to change memories and modify brain function.

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